Thursday, November 13, 2008

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Portrait Of Murder

Portrait Of Murder(r.a.d.i.k.a.l) are back from r.i.p we started in the end of years 2005, before this, we used R.A.D.I.K.A.L as a band name. that time we're play a sort of screamo/punx/post-hardcore. after a few time, we face the hard-time in our band, we struggle to make this band alive,.... we recruits a new line-up, and change the genre of our music. and change our band name in the end of year 2006. now, our band known as portrait of murder..... we play metal+hardcore, at the same time we blend our music with melodic style guitar sound and emotional lyrics.... now, just to make our music kill the people out there and make their ass-hole burn up!!!! 2008 are the new beginning of portrait of murder, xbenx are back to replace diman, portrait of murder now are more energetic than before!!!! More Headbaging + Mosh!!!! Don't miss our show guys!!!! See u guys at the mosh-pit!!!!

Band Line - up:
1st vox : xasyrafx. 2nd vox : xXBeNXx. 1st guitar : xwanchaix. Bass : xafiqx. Drummer : Remy

For further information about this band please contact : 012-27858737 xbenx or

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