Friday, November 14, 2008

MurderArt Entertainment

MurderArt Entertainment

MurderArt Entertainment is a new project label from the band called Portrait Of Murder . This label started since 1/26/2008 We're based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our motif here is to build-up back this community/scene, and to collect all the new local talent/band under one roof. Most of our genre here is Metal/Hardcore/Deathcore/Grind/Crust/EmoCore.

We prefer those genre, but we still looking other genre/band like Indie/Punk/Grunge/Alternative or anything are good for us. We're not prejudice!!!! We know, there's so many good band in Malaysia lately, especially in our Underground scene. The scene is getting bigger, so many outstanding band, some's of the band are not expose or never get a chance to proof their talent!!!! We here to take part to make this scene more happening. So bands outhere, watch out!!!! keep in touch with us guy's!!!!

MurderArt Entertainment members is :
- xXBeNXx as Founder
- xLanx as Promotion and Account
- xwanchaix as Band Dealer
- xacapx (K) as Videographer
- xacapx as Street Crew
- Kay as Street Crew
- yaya as Photographer
For further information please contact 012-2785837 xbenx or

P/s : MurderArt Entertainment have done make gig at Skizo Entertainment Studio at 12/4/2008. =)

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